Septic Tank Riser Installation

Locating and digging up the lid to your septic tank can often feel like finding buried treasure without a map; impossible, costly, and a pain. At Howell Sanitary, our septic tank riser installation makes finding your access lid as simple as walking out and pointing to the spot. Our experts will help you create a vertical portal at ground surface for easy access to your septic tank when pumping, inspection, or maintenance is required.

How Do Septic Tank Risers Work?

Septic tank risers are often made of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete, located at the ground surface of your yard for easy access. With the option to leave the lid exposed or cover it with a very thin layer of soil or grass, the need to dig in order to find your access lid is eliminated and routine septic maintenance is hassle-free.

Septic tank risers provide a multitude of other benefits for home and business owners, including:

  • Significantly reducing the cost of septic tank maintenance over time
  • Improving visibility into the performance of your septic system
  • Sparing the need to dig up your yard for septic maintenance
  • Easy access during the winter months even when the ground is frozen
  • Quick access to the septic system for maintenance and pumping
  • And more

At Howell Sanitary, we believe the one-time cost of installing a riser for your home or business will pay for itself in reduced costs during the life of your septic system. With our skilled septic tank riser installations, you say goodbye to costly and unsightly digs, saving time and money down the road.

Protect your system and save money overtime with our septic tank riser installations. Contact us today for more information!