Septic Inspections

septic tank

Failing septic systems are exceptionally expensive to repair and replace, and poor maintenance is often the leading culprit. Fortunately, having your septic tank inspected by our professionals will ensure your system remains in proper working condition. At Howell Sanitary, we believe thorough inspections reveal problems before they become serious. That's why our professionals utilize their trained eyes to identify any telling signs of septic system failure.

How Do Septic Tank Inspections Work?

One of the best ways to significantly prolong the life of your septic tank is by scheduling a proper inspection from our professionals. During an inspection, we look for any signs of damage or malfunctions. To ensure we provide a complete and thorough inspection, our team will:

  • Locate your septic system and its components

  • Uncover your tank’s cover and inspection ports

  • Check connections to ensure that your plumbing is working correctly

  • Verify tank capacity and measure the levels of scum in your tank

  • Check the condition of the tank for cracks, breaks, and other issues

Buying a new home isn’t the only time you may need to inspect your septic system. Minimize your chances of repairs and extend the lifespan of your system with our reliable septic tank inspections. Contact the experts at Howell Sanitary today for more information.