Dry Wells for Water Softeners

If you were to get your current septic system replaced, one of the first requirements on the permit is to bypass your water softener. However, ridding your system of water softener backwash is a hassle. Furthermore, the high concentration of salt within the tank can easily cause damage, making it necessary to carefully address backwash. At Louis Wellman and Sons, we believe the most convenient way to get rid of water softener backwash from your tank is to attach it straight to your sewage system.

What Are Dry Wells For Water Softeners?

This dry well is a deep hole, made of a porous wall that allows for backwash to soak slowly into the ground. With the help of our professionals to ensure your dry well is implemented above the water table, it’s the perfect solution for accepting large amounts of water in just a short period of time and, later, slowly dissipating into surrounding ground over an extended period.

Are you looking for a more effective water drainage solution? Dry wells for water softeners will re-direct, collect, and disperse water in a way that will not interfere with your septic system. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and unmatched expertise, our team will dig, install, and maintain your dry well for you, from soil testing and regulations to everything in between.

When it comes to dry wells for water softeners, Louis Wellman and Sons is your number one solution. Contact our experts today for more information.